FTP Instructions for WS_FTP

If you already have WS-FTP installed click here for instructions on using this FTP program.

To download a copy of WS_FTP follow these instructions: (This program is not free any more)

Installing WS_FTP

You can open WS_FTP by clicking on Start / Programs / Ws_ftp / WS_FTP95LE.

Using WS_FTP with your web site

NOTE: The instructions below are for our personal web server, other web servers may have different requirements. Please contact techinical support if you need more assistance.

Every time you open WS_FTP, it will bring you to the connect window (as shown above). In the future, you should just be able to click the connect button to get connected. It saves the information you use to connect and automatically brings that up the next time you start the program.

After getting connected, the first thing you want to do is make sure "AUTO" is selected. ("AUTO" is located just to the right of "ASCII" and "Binary".)

The use of this program is relatively self-explanatory. The area to the left, beneath where it says "Local System", is your computer. The right side where it says "Remote System" is your web space on our server. The two arrows in between those are for uploading and downloading files.

To upload a file to your web site, select the file on the left side by clicking it. Then click the right-arrow button ("->"). The file will be sent to the server.


For additional information or to report errors, please contact me at websupport@montana.com