Namo WebEditor 2006  

This is an inexpensive web page editor, click on the logo above for a link to their site. When publishing to our servers, you need to know which server your web site is hosted on.  There are 3 different servers at Internet Connect Services, so if you don't know which one your site is on, please contact  The information you will need to supply for your connection is:   Host name, Directory, User name and Password.


Open up your Namo WebEditor, create your pages and when you are ready to upload files to the server, click File and scroll down to the Publish Icon, or press F4  

This brings up the Publish Window. On the left side is your hard drive, on the right side is the remote site, this is where the server files associated with your web pages will exist.

Notice the little icon below the word "File"  click that or click File drop down to connect or hit F4


This brings up the Remote Sites which are currently set up on your computer.  A half dozen or so come pre-configured, if you don't want to connect to any of these then hit the Delete button.  Notice that ACME city is currently highlighted, if you hit Delete, it will disappear.

We need to ADD a new site to the list.  So click on the Add button.


It brings up the Remote Site Settings window.  Here is where you will save your connection information.  The Site name is any name you want to call your site on this program so you can identify it from the other names in the above step.  Type in something useful.

Keep the Type as FTP

Enter the host name given by ICS
(it is either  or

If you enter, then in the Directory field remove the /
If you enter, then enter /domains/xyz/html/   where xyz is the name of your domain (my domain is, so I would enter /domains/ )
If you have a personal web site, with a name like, then remove the / and enter www

Add your username and your password.  Keep the Anonymous box blank and the passive mode box should have a check in it.

If you want, you can enter your URL.  Mine would be

Click OK, your site should now be added to the list of Remote Sites in alphabetical order.   Make sure your site is highlighted, then click the Connect button.

It should connect to the server giving you the server files on the right side of the window.   To upload, move the files from the left side to the right side (there is a little yellow arrow to help you).  To download a file, find it on the right side and move it to the appropriate place on the left side.


Have fun.