FTP Instructions for Dreamweaver MX 2004

Open Dreamweaver MX 2004 and click on the "Site" pull down menu and then click on the "Managed Sites" link.
On the Manages Sites window, Click the "New..." button and choose Site.

On the next screen in the Site Definition Wizard, change the "Unnamed Site 1" label to to a name that you can uses to identify your web site to the files. I prefer to use the actual domain name, in my example I will enter websupport.montana.com



On this screen you need to select the back end serve language you want to use. ICS does not support ColdFusion so do not choose that option. PHP MySQL is used on our Linux server, the others are used on our FrontPage (Microsoft) server.

If you are not using back end processing (normal HTML only) then select None, or click on the radio button for "No, I do not want to use a server technology"

Server technology is for advanced web designers.


On this screen you have 3 options for testing your work. If you have a server set up on your personal computer you can choose the first option; however, most people don't use this option.

The second choice is the most widely used. You should save your web pages to your hard drive as a backup, then when you need to make a change on your web site, make the change to the backup copy. Upload the changed page to the server using the Files window. Open a browser to your web site hosted on our serve and check the changes. Remember that a "Professional" designer will check the look of the web in IE, Netscape and Mozilla to get an idea of what the page looks like to all surfers.

The third choice is used within local area networks and as such cannot be used here at ICS.


This screen asks how you upload your pages. The example illustrates a connection to our Linux server. NOTE that the "hostname" of the server is the same as your domain name (without the www. part) This is true for both the Linux server and the Microsoft FrontPage/ASP server.

The third field asks for the folder on server to store your files. On the Linux server use the same info as displayed here except SUBSTITUTE your domain name where I have websupport.montana.com.
Leave this field empty on the Microsoft FrontPage/ASP server.

The 4th and 5th fields are your username and password, you can save it if you desire. ICS does not use SFTP. Test the connection before proceeding, if you have the info correct it will confirm your setup.


This screen asks for your domain name, enter it and remember to put the http:// part also.

Testing your URL will give the successful test box as illustrated to the right.


If you are working with several designers on the web page and there is a possibility that one developer will have a page open at the same time you do, then check the first option. Otherwise select No

Most ICS customers do not need the check in and check out features because they are the only developer working on the site.


The last screen of the wizard gives a summary of the info you added for this site definition.

Click Done.


On the right side of the Dreamweaver MX 2004 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) expand the "files" pane. Click on the blue "plug" icon to connect to the server then change to "Remove view" to display the pages on your web site.

Highlight the file you want to download and click the Green "Get file(s)" arrow to retrieve a copy from the web server. To upload a file change to "local view" highlight the file you want to upload and click the blue :Put file(s)" arrow.

As mentioned earlier, you should download a copy of the files on the server for a backup. Servers are just like any other computer equipment, and system failures, fires, floods, etc can damage your web content. therefore it is better to be safe than sorry