FTP Instructions for Dreamweaver 3.0

Open Dreamweaver, and pull down the menu Site/Define Sites.

A window similar to the one on the right appears, click on the New... button

A page similar to the one at the right appears make sure the Category "Local Info" is selected

Fill in the boxes on the right of that window:

  • Site Name -- anything that will remind you it is your site
  • Local Root Folder -- The folder on your computer where your web pages will be stored.
  • HTTP Address -- the URL to your web

The two check boxes are nice options but not required

When you first select the Category "Web Server Info", you will get only a Server Access pull down box with "none" inside. Pull down the arrow and select "FTP". A window similar to that on the right will appear.

  • FTP Host -- enter your domain name, the servers at ICS will "smart connect" you.
  • Host Directory -- leave it blank; advanced users may wish to enter the path which will be different for each user.
  • Login -- enter your user name
  • Password -- enter your password, check save if you want
  • Make sure Use Passive FTP is checked.
  • Use Firewall only if you have a firewall on your computer.

Click OK, that's all that is required to connect to our server.

Back on the Dreamweaver main pages, pull down the Site menu again and this time click Site Files. Click the Connect button. A window similar to that on the right appears if you are on line.

The left pane shows the Remote Site, in other words the server with all of your files and folders listed.

The right pane shows the web files on your computer.

Either "Get" a file from the server or "Put" a file (or folder) to the server depending upon what you wish to do. Remember, after you edit a page, you need to click File/Save then open this window again and highlight that file and "Put" it up on the server so the new changes will take effect and everyone else can see them.

For additional information or to report errors, please contact me at websupport@montana.com