When you open CuteFTP it automatically displays the FTP Site Manager listing the various FTP sites on your personal system. Click the "Add Site" button to create an site for your web pages.

On the Add Host screen below, type in a descriptive Site label (this will be added to the list on the Site Manager screen above).
For the Host Name type in either, or your domain name. If you are not sure which machine name to use, please call tech support 541-4952 in Missoula, or 1-800-755-1566.

In the example below I am going to connect to our Linux serverand create a Site called "My Web Pages" using the domain The Initial Local Directory can be left blank or set to a directory on your computer.

For the User ID type in the username provide by ICS, and do the same for the Password.
Make sure all the other settings are correct, then click the Advanced tab near the top of the window.

On the Add Host screen, make sure your settings match the following settings
Click OK

Cute FTP returns you to the FTP Site Manager, notice the newly created entry "My Web Pages". Now that you have created the link to FTP to your site, make sure you are connected to the Internet and click the "Connect" button near the bottom right of this window.

Once Connected you screen should look similar to the one below. On the left below the command is your hard drive, on the right is the server listing. Navigate to the directory where your web pages are stored on your hard drive, then either drag the files across or double click them to transfer them to the server.

Once the files are listed on the right side (remote side) the pages will be viewable on any browser.

For additional information or to report errors, please contact me at