Core FTP is a freeware File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client that you can download from

After installing the program open it up and the site manager will show up. We need to make a new connection with your personal settings so you can upload your web pages and graphics to our servers.


Using the Site Manager image to the right as a guide, enter:

  • a Site Name - this can be anything you desire.
  • The host name - for our Linux Server use for our Windows server use
  • Username - this is your username; make sure Anonymous is not checked
  • Password - your password
  • The other settings like Port, Timeout etc should be as shown. We use Pasv (Passive) connections.
  • The Remote Start Folder should be blank. Advanced users can enter info here but be aware that if it is incorrect you will NOT connect.
  • Local Start Folder is the location of your web files on your computer.

If you are connected to the Internet, clicking Connect will bring you to a page similar to the one below. Scroll down for a few tips

If your screen is different, just click on the "view" drop down menu, scroll down to "Reset View" and select "Log on Top". On the left side of the window is your computer's hard drive, on the right is the server. Drill down on the left side to find your files.
On the right side is the server directory structure for your site. This is the view on the Linux server; thus, the following info is for those customers.

  • If you are connecting to the personal web folders, click on the www folder and upload your files there. The Browser URI will be
  • If yo have a domain name and are connecting to the business server, open the domains folder. Select the domain that you want to work on and then select the html folder. Upload your files to this directory.

If your domain is hosted on the windows server, you will see just your domain name, click on that to open and upload your files to that area.

For some tips on how to upload files, scroll down below the next picture.

In the above example, I want to upload the file calculator to my web page with the URI of To do this, I had to first drill down as listed above to my html folder. I then right clicked on a blank area in the server view window and selected "Directory Commands" and "Make Directory" I entered the name calculator. Next I opened to that folder. Notice the address above the right view window it says /domains/

Since this is the directory I want my file in I would highlight it on the left side as illustrated, and I could either click the little blue arrow pointing to the right side, right click and select upload or drag it from the left to the right side. Downloading files from the server to your hard drive is just the opposite, select it on the right side, make sure the directory on the left is where you want it to go and click the left arrow, drag it over or right click and select download.

For a Free program, this one is very good and easy to use.