Microsoft's Web Publishing Wizard v 1.52


After the intro pages, in the box labeled "File or Folder Name" type the local path that contains your web site, then click "Next" e.g., c:\mydocuments\thisweek



The Wizard will prompt you for a descriptive name, type "My web Site" or something and click "Advanced"



In the prompt for service provider click the down arrow on the right hand side and select "FTP" from the pull down menu, then click "Next"



In the box labeled "URL or Internet Address" type You will also see the "local directory" you typed in during step 1. Click "Next"



In the box labeled FTP server name, type Leave the box labeled "Subfolder containing your Web pages" blank. Click "Next"



The Wizard is now ready to publish your web, click "Finish" to continue. A box labeled "Enter Network Password" will appear. In the boxes labeled "User ID" and "Password" enter the username and password given to you by the FrontPage Administrator; then click "OK".



The Wizard will let you know when the site is uploaded successfully.